9th Street Community Garden & Park

Founded In 1979 To Serve The Lower East Side

About The 9th Street Community Garden & Park

Nin Garcia was an East Village resident with a love of nature and growing things, but the Lower East Side of the 1970s was a hard place with little green. The fenced-off, littered lot on the corner of Ninth Street and Avenue C attracted him, and he began to sow seeds and plants along the chain link and among the debris. Pretty soon the local residents started getting interested and so the Ninth Street Community Garden & Park was founded in 1979.

The Garden Community has come a long way since its grassroots beginnings. Today we host community events such as music, art, and gardening workshops. The current site has grown to half an acre of gorgeous flowerbeds, and vegetable gardens. Meandering pathways crisscross the park, follow them to the koi and turtle pond, fig arbor, or one of many quiet nooks that offer a cool quiet spot to read a book, have a chat with a friend, enjoy a cup of coffee, or just sit and enjoy a respite from The City.

Location & Hours

LOCATION: 709 East 9th Street New York, NY 10009
Enter on the east side of Avenue C between East 9th and East 10th Street in Manhattan

HOURS: April 1 through October 31. Tuesday 9:00–Noon, Saturday and Sunday Noon–6:00, and when the gate is open and members are present. Due to COVID-19 Masks and social distancing are mandatory.

Garden Rules

Please be courteous and respectful to others.
• Littering
• Smoking
• Consumption of Alcohol
• Amplified sound, except by permit
• Vending, except as allowed by law or permit
• Motor vehicles without specific authorization
• Except for service animals, dogs must be leashed at all times. You must monitor and control your dog at all times.
• Dogs must be properly licensed and vaccinated.
• You must pick up after your dog.


The 9th Street Community Garden & Park is sponsored by the NYC Parks GreenThumb program.
GreenThumb is the largest community gardening program in the nation. Volunteer gardeners care for more than 550 community gardens across New York City while providing free community programming and horticultural opportunities. Contact GreenThumb at (212) 602-5300, greenthumbinfo@parks.nyc.gov, or nyc.gov/parks/greenthumb.


We are a Lower East Side Community Garden that is 100% volunteer run and member funded. Everyone coming together is how we continue to maintain this treasure of the L.E.S. community. If you would like to be a 9th Street Garden & Park volunteer, please fill out this Application. Thanks for taking the first steps. Also, if you are on the path to become a Friend of the Garden or Full Member of the Garden, you’re in the right place.